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  • PAG Leisurewear

PAG Leisurewear offers B2B customers a B2C shopping experience with SuiteCommerce.

Customer Success:

  • NetSuite‘s cloud delivery allows PAG to focus on growing the business rather than managing complex on-premise software and infrastructure;
  • Real-time apparel inventory levels displayed to buyers ensure they order available goods and receive them in a timely manner;
  • PAG has achieved double-digit revenue growth in recent years while running NetSuite as its software foundation.



  • B2B clients were demanding more of a B2C-like shopping experience;
  • PAG needed to evolve its business to meet customer needs.



  • Looked to SuiteCommerce Advanced for front-end functionality to strengthen its margins and fuel its next generation of growth;
  • Integrated with NetSuite ERP and CRM;
  • B2B customers have self-service functionality for bulk and repeat ordering, credit terms, self-service account management and order history;
  • Mobile support, faceted search, advanced product imagery, dynamic merchandising and other rich interactivity enhance the customer experience;
  • NetSuite’s end-to-end commerce solution gives PAG the business agility to rapidly expand into new markets and channels whilst delivering a seamless shopping experience.

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