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As a Not-for-Profit you’re well aware of the challenges you face in your industry.

Today, increased competition from other worthy causes sees you finding new ways to engage with existing and potential supporters. Regulatory pressures demand greater transparency in fundraising. And budget cuts mean you have to think more wisely about the technology you invest in.

These issues, and the fact that many Not-for-Profits use different systems for everyday processes, mean that you and your staff are focusing less on your mission, and more on your internal infrastructure.

In an ideal world, you could manage your back office functions using one, integrated system. You would also gain full visibility and control of your fundraising activities.

And, you could better cultivate relationships with supporters and donors devising communications personalised for them.

NetSuite is used by many Not-for-Profits globally to help them fuel their mission.

A 100% cloud ERP system, NetSuite offers one integrated system to manage all back office functions.

Using NetSuite, Not-for-Profits have seen benefits from real-time financial management, have improved their relationships with supporters and have reduced IT costs.

So, if you’re looking to improve your fund accounting, enhance your security and cut your IT costs NetSuite could be for you. Just tell us who you are, and we’ll tell you how we can help.

Financial Director of a Not-for-Profit organisation

Improve your fund accounting and financial reporting capabilities.

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I.T Manager of a Not-for-Profit organisation

Improve your IT infrastructure and reduce costs with one, integrated single business platform.

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Managing Director of a Not-for-Profit organisation

Get a full, 360-degree view of your Not-for-Profit organisation, improve your fundraising efforts and make better, informed decisions.

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